Saturday, June 30, 2012

"We're all mad here!"

This weekend we did a cake that I completely fell in love with and just had to share. The theme was Mad Hatter Tea Party and this mom was going all out for her daughter. I love clients that get inspired and are determined to make their vision a reality. She was set on what she wanted for her cake and had some ideas for cupcakes and cookies as well. Here was the end result of the cake.

The cake was topsy-turvy style, which was a little tricky. But in the end we worked it out and it came out great. This cake is definitely on my top 10 favorite cakes our bakery has produced. It’s so different and artistic. It was also challenging and here at Tiny we love a challenge.

We also made matching cupcakes for this customer’s order, which had cute little teapots on top in bright colors. Unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to take a picture of those but in my search for Alice in Wonderland parties and treats I came across these gorgeous cupcakes made by Little Paper Cakes. For a customer wanting to go all out on their theme, something like this would be ideal.

Our bakery also recently invested in expanding our cookie cutter family. When I came across these in one of our vendor’s catalogs, I HAD to have them. They provided a lot of inspiration for potential future Mad Hatter Tea Parties, or tea party themes in general.

And, obviously, we couldn’t leave out cookies when doing an Alice in Wonderland theme. No tea party is complete without cookies. Unfortunately cookies were not on the menu for this particular client’s party, but the thought made my imagination run wild. I found these adorable cookies made by The Art of Cookies and we are determined to recreate them at some point in the near future.

We put a lot of thought and emotion into our work here at the bakery. Each order is carefully thought out and made with every ounce of passion we possess. Making a customer’s inspiration a reality and knowing we had something to do with their special event is the best reward we can ask for!

Have a great weekend!
-The team at Tiny

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tiny Delights Decorating Classes!

At Tiny Delights we don't just offer baked goods anymore. Recently we began a series of decorating courses, which have been a great success. Our goal is to share our passion with others and teach students the basic skills necessary to enjoy cake and cupcake decorating as much as we do. The courses are taught by our fantastic pastry chef, Mabel Weymar. Her patience and attention to detail makes for an exceptional learning environment. Students can learn valuable skills while having a great time. Here are a couple of the upcoming decorating classes.

These are only 2 of the many classes we do here at the bakery. Check out some pictures of the last few classes we've had. They were a hit!
Our classes our interactive, educational and all around fun. They are a really great experience and are great to share with friends and family.

Email us to enroll!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Treat Daddy's sweet tooth this Father's Day

With Father’s Day quickly approaching, our bakery is whipping up the cutest little treats to make dad feel like a million bucks. As a family-oriented business, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are always a huge deal for us. We’re famous for our gorgeous cookies and we didn’t disappoint for Father’s Day. We did our best to bring out the “essence of dad” and I believe we succeeded! Check out these adorable cookies. Don’t they remind you of waking up Saturday morning as a kid and finding dad in the backyard wrestling with his power tools? Fond memories indeed…

Aside from these, we are also offering father’s day themed cupcakes, which are equally irresistible.

These treats can be given individually as a gift, or used for a dessert table (my favorite!). 
Here are some more ideas and inspiration for treating your dad to a well-deserved fantastic Father’s Day!

This cake is adorable!!!  So simple, yet so cute. And it's perfect as the centerpiece for a Father's Day dessert table.
Okay... I'm in love with these cake pops! Perfect way to celebrate the old man (and his 'stache!).
And the final touch... This banner is so perfect. And it's a free download! Download, print, and hang up above your dessert table/Father's Day display. Guaranteed to make Daddy's heart melt this Father's Day.


-The Team at Tiny Delights

Saturday, June 2, 2012

We're not just all about cupcakes! Some unique treats to entertain your sweet side...

Other than the delicious cupcakes our bakery specializes in, we also specialize in many other unique treats. Among our clients there is constant demand for our adorable cookies and oh-so-delicious cake pops. Our generously portioned cake pops always keep sweets-lovers coming back for more and the sheer prettiness of our cookies always ooh and ah those who come across them. Many of our clients request these as add-ons to their dessert tables- one of the biggest trends in party planning right now. Our goal at Tiny Delights is to help our treat-seekers create the most beautiful, awe-inspiring, and all around tasty dessert tables possible. This is why we put love into every one of our creations and pay the utmost attention to detail in all that we do. Speaking of detail, here are some gorgeous baby girl cookies that went out of the bakery yesterday. Look at the detail on those puppies! They definitely make for a picture-perfect dessert table.

Bite-sized treats are certainly the best way to go with a dessert table. Bite-sized treats on a stick are even better. It seems like cake pops have become a craze in the world of baking and Tiny Delights has definitely jumped on the bandwagon. We make some of the most generously portioned cake pops in our area and we can customize them with just about anything. Take a look at these perfectly pink cake pops that just left the store... Soooo cute and guaranteed to put a smile on the face of all of your guests.

So you’re probably wondering where to begin with your dessert table. Well this is great place to start! No need to overwhelm your guests with an enormous variety of treats. Incorporate a few, such as the cake pops and cookies aforementioned. Too much variety complicates things. Keep your table down to a few choices and definitely include these. They add so much personality to a dessert bar and will win over everyone’s hearts. Here's some inspiration for you. Check out how Anders Ruff incorporated these sweet treats into this cleverly-designed dessert table.

Need help choosing sweets for your dessert table? Drop by our store and we can help walk you through the process and offer sometimes much-needed guidance and advice on what to choose and how much. We’ve perfected the art of desserts and we’re ready to help you discover your creative side and design a table for your event!