Saturday, June 30, 2012

"We're all mad here!"

This weekend we did a cake that I completely fell in love with and just had to share. The theme was Mad Hatter Tea Party and this mom was going all out for her daughter. I love clients that get inspired and are determined to make their vision a reality. She was set on what she wanted for her cake and had some ideas for cupcakes and cookies as well. Here was the end result of the cake.

The cake was topsy-turvy style, which was a little tricky. But in the end we worked it out and it came out great. This cake is definitely on my top 10 favorite cakes our bakery has produced. It’s so different and artistic. It was also challenging and here at Tiny we love a challenge.

We also made matching cupcakes for this customer’s order, which had cute little teapots on top in bright colors. Unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to take a picture of those but in my search for Alice in Wonderland parties and treats I came across these gorgeous cupcakes made by Little Paper Cakes. For a customer wanting to go all out on their theme, something like this would be ideal.

Our bakery also recently invested in expanding our cookie cutter family. When I came across these in one of our vendor’s catalogs, I HAD to have them. They provided a lot of inspiration for potential future Mad Hatter Tea Parties, or tea party themes in general.

And, obviously, we couldn’t leave out cookies when doing an Alice in Wonderland theme. No tea party is complete without cookies. Unfortunately cookies were not on the menu for this particular client’s party, but the thought made my imagination run wild. I found these adorable cookies made by The Art of Cookies and we are determined to recreate them at some point in the near future.

We put a lot of thought and emotion into our work here at the bakery. Each order is carefully thought out and made with every ounce of passion we possess. Making a customer’s inspiration a reality and knowing we had something to do with their special event is the best reward we can ask for!

Have a great weekend!
-The team at Tiny

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